Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Accountability and Transparency

If I weren't actually living under this outrageous definition of accountability and "transparency," maybe I'd find it funny. And I really did want my generation to change the world, because what we inherited when we came of age, wasn't all that spiffy. I wanted the young people that would follow us to enjoy freedom and a future, not be saddled with obligation and debt. But now, it's the men of my generation still catering to the previous generations at the expense of the following generations. And they call it accountability because they are doing it to us right in front of us, so therefore it's "transparent." Great! It's still not what I had planned to leave as a legacy. I've been following the economists predictions and the headlines regarding the bank stress test. Now the economists of Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan Chase are giving a better report than they thought a couple of months ago. Really? Have these two corporations replaced their economists, since last September, when the need for a TARP came as a shock to most of America? Are these different guys or the same ones that either missed it, before, or simply kept it under their hats? And let's talk about some transparency, in our government. I remember when GW threw that around. I didn't like it then, I'm not interested at all in hearing it quoted by the man that promised change. Why is everyone falling for this. The "transparency" mantra is left over from the last administration. And oh, by the way . . . The money that President Bush authorized for Goldman Sachs, well they are doing better now, and want to repay, but President Obama won't accept the repayment.
I think things are transparent enough that everyone should be able to see, the change was nothing more than the baton from one hand to the next. If the same corporations are telling us the recession is slowing down, then I'm guessing it's going to get worse. Or the government has everything just about in place for total control, which is actually both. While we're all about accountabiilty and transparency, and debating TARPs and BailOut, and disputing whether we're headed for communism or fascism, the real direction is becoming quite obvious. We're headed for totalitarianism and American politicians are vying for who will be at the top, when it goes global.
If any man have an ear, let him hear. the Revelation
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