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Just a few short weeks ago, I commented that Huckabee had proven the White House was accessible without big money.  Now, Romney has proven, he's not going to buy his way in, and I respect that also.  I'm really in a quandry, because I've come to realize just how difficult life is when you're a "super power."  The entire world is watching our political process and attempting to determine which candidate will best serve their nation's interests, if elected.  I really let my mind wander on this blog topic, earlier, much earlier this morning.  
Queen Elizabeth appears pretty comfortable with life and the British Parliament doesn't seem terribly overwhelmed and working late, but I'm across the Atlantic, so I'm sure I'm not privy to all the details, but the role of government can't possibly be as strenous, as in the days when the sun never set on the British Empire.  Back when Britian had colonies and territories all over the world, they had an army and navy that was all over the world, and investments all over the world, and frankly it looks as though the UK is not in the least bit sorry that the baton of power is in the hands of America.
When we visited Europe a few years ago, I couldn't help but notice the atmosphere in some of the places that had at one time been the center of power of the known
world.  Greece was a wonderful place to be and the people were pleasant and appeared to be satisfied with life.  I can't imagine the pressure that was experienced in the days 
of Alexander the Great.  Always warring and conquering must have been exhausting . . . 
He was pretty young when he died.  
The present day citizens seem content with the size of their country and the global influence they 
We didn't spend any time in Italy, but I did do some checking and of course, the tourist spots 
seemed very laid back and calm with life.  Very different from the days of the Roman Empire.  
We did visit France, and it was very nice.  The days of war and power are not depicted amidst 
the quaint shops and beautiful architecture.
As a matter of fact, I did notice the architecture everywhere we went.  These countries all appeared
to value what they built as a society and a civilization, more than having massive power and being an authoritative people. 
I wonder, could we as a people, as a civilization live a less frightened existence and lead comfortably 
pleasant lives, if we didn't have to be the world super power?  What if, for a day, we didn't have to 
make other countries see the error of their ways?  What if, for a day, we didn't have to be the biggest in imports/exports?  What if, for a day, we reflected on our civilization and the legacy we
are leaving for the true historians, not the revisionists, to record?
What if, for a day, we recognized what all the other retired world powers have learned, that our power is not the be all and end all?
. . . Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith YHVH of hosts. a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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