Friday, April 30, 2010

You Can Spot Someone's Politics by Behavior

Our nation is getting so arrogant and divided, I'm beginning to conduct my own poll of observation. I can usually tell by the way someone parks, and that is without their bumper stickers as to their political leaning. You can tell how someone conducts themselves in a restaurant as to their political leanings and you can certainly tell by the contents of the grocery cart, as to their party of choice. Now, as in every poll, there is a margin of error and the exceptions to the rules, but by and large, I will notice basic human behavior and then there will be some anti- comment made in their conversation with someone else. All I have to do is enjoy my pastime of "people watching" and listen carefully. I truly have noticed that the Democrats are still blaming President Bush, just like the Republicans blamed President Clinton through the Bush years, oh and President Carter. But in all fairness, now through the Obama administration, I still hear complaints about Reagan, yet, I digress. Back to my observation. By and large, in restaurants, Democrats are louder. Republicans seem to be more annoyed with what they perceive to be substandard. Democrats spend more on dinner and tip bigger. When it comes to parking lots, Democrats tend to park close to the yellow line and at a bit of an angle. Republicans often take up more than one space. As for grocery carts, Republicans have more red meat and actual food that requires preparation. Democrats tend to have more fruit and prepared foods, as well as specialty items. I simply have to share this example as my husband had no idea I was amusing myself in such a fashion. We were in town the other day to go to the auto parts store. My husband is disabled and I've been struggling with my own health issue as of late, so perhaps I was a bit more sensitive to the situation. We got to the store and in front of it was a huge 4 door Dodge Ram with a boat behind it taking up 5 parking places. I looked at my husband and told him I was really unimpressed with that Republican. He asked me how I knew . . . We got into the store and in a matter of just moments, when it was time to pay for their items, as she wrote the check, she spoke of "Obama's tax," "Obama's economy," "Obama's stimulus" and how disgusting it all was. I simply looked at my husband and at that moment, he realized anyone that felt entitled to 5 parking places, and they continued to hog all those places while they piddled with the boat . . . felt no responsibility or obligation to do anything but complain and take up space. This particular administration, those folks are Republicans. They had no problem watching me limp past and my husband go all around their menagerie on crutches. I hope they don't think their little purchase was going to keep the small business man in business as they blocked his door.
All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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