Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We've all heard or even may have said, "Now I've seen everything." Well, there have been times that something just catches me as a "Wow! Is this a 'now I've seen everything'?" As we've all watched the change coming from Washington, I for one, have not been impressed any more with this administration than I was with the last one, but the last one was easier to deal with for me. I could see where we were headed and it still seemed a somewhat distant future, but now it just seems like we've gained so much momentum. And it's not really the man in the Oval office, it's the choices we as a nation, have made and the results accumulated through the years. I'm seeing the heart ripped out of the last of the American spirit, or maybe the true spirit of freedom is being restored, I can't say, yet, but I definitely see the change. I've believed for some time now that the only true way to be free is free in G~D's truth which puts me outside of the mainstream American ideology of "G~D, country and family values," because what we have here in America isn't what is found in G~D's Word of truth. And although I do believe our government should not control our speech or our gun ownership, I'm not militant about the Second Amendment. As a matter of fact, I think the NRA is controlled by or does control a certain amount of our government. I know some very staunch members who feel it is their right to decide who is allowed a gun and who is not, so I am not a card carrying member of the NRA, although I do enjoy making "sport" of the organization at times. I do believe I ran across one of those: "Wow, now I've seen it all and it's come to this," moments yesterday. I saw an ad that was looking for a garden tiller and stated very clearly that they would trade an AK-47 for a tiller. Someone that has an AK-47 is usually pretty adamant about their Second Amendment Rights and usually harbors a significant fear that they will not be able to replace their firearms in the near future, so I took it more as a reflection on our economy and that this individual may be seriously reprioritizing. With the NRA scaring everyone about losing their guns, someone has realized food is even more important or may be having to choose between eating and fighting for the Bill of Rights. I hadn't seen this angle of authority coming, but hunger is a powerful motivator for CHANGE!
And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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