Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recurring Dream, sort of

Although the dream scenario differs, I have this one odd detail that shows up every now and again in my dreams. My dreams are usually pretty easy to attribute to the stress of the day or the extra spicy late night meal, but every so often, I believe they are of greater significance. Sometimes I believe they call for spiritual interpretation or are even prophetic in nature. Now, back to the detail that presents itself every so often. Most of my dreams are probably like everyone else's. A few combined scenarios that would never actually be simultaneous or contain various people that are never all together in any given circumstance. Even though I can connect certain unlikely details, the one that crops up that leaves me puzzled is, in the midst of whatever I'm dreaming about, I'm smoking. And it's not just a casual part of the dream, it takes the focus, because I used to smoke and in the dream I'm not just still smoking, I've started AGAIN! It's always a horrible feeling. I'm always sure I will never be able to return to being smoke free, again, and that feeling of the bondage of cigarettes is what awakens me every time it's a part of my dream. I used to attribute this dream factor to unresolved anger in my life, because when I did quit smoking, I realized how much smoking really was related to my anger management. It was as if when I inhaled the smoke, I could just suck in the words and internalize my anger. And I think I did. I still do think it's associated with anger for a lot of smokers, but my dream last night included so many scenarios and people from all different places and times of my life, I felt this one was just of a different type of significance. Now, granted, I did wake up with heart burn after this dream and went to bed feeling odd, but after reading the headlines, I think it is of spiritual significance. We are a very angry people, as a nation. I believe I can already see the groundwork in place for the 2010 election. We, as a nation, aren't going to be voting FOR anything, but rather AGAINST what we don't want. We are an angry nation and the politicians know that, the talking heads know that, and we the people know that, and we like to feed it. I'm just wondering if we are becoming more outwardly open with our anger because of the smoking cessation campaigns of the last 20+ years or because we are becoming comfortable with being divided into angry mobs. If we're not really going to seek G~D, we should at least read some history. Fearful, angry mobs are the easiest to control!
Only rebel not ye against YHVH, neither fear ye the people of the land . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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