Friday, April 23, 2010

Invitation, Rescinded

Well, it is official, the Pentagon has rescinded it's invitation for Franklin Graham to lead in prayer or speak on National Day of Prayer. All because he said some things about Islam with which he disagrees. Now, what I find interesting is the reasons given by the Pentagon that basically support what Franklin Graham was reported to have said. He made reference to the violence of Muslim law and the Pentagon is worried about possible violent responses. So, if the Pentagon is worried about some sort of reprisal, what did Franklin Graham say that wasn't true? I'm not saying all Muslims are violent, I'm not saying all Christians are not, what I am saying is, what is going on with our Pentagon? Surely someone in military intelligence was aware of Mr. Graham's statements . . . so if there was a problem with him, in the "cause of separation of church and state," why didn't the Pentagon simply bow out? How much action does our Pentagon take and then weigh the consequences? And why can't preachers have free speech? Rescinding this invitation makes the Pentagon look cowardly, as far as I can tell, and I think that isn't a good military strategy. Regardless of the political correctness of how to handle this hot button religious issue, the Pentagon should have all it's facts before taking action and then be courageous enough to stand behind the decision. I've read about a number of situations as of late that seemed like a religious group was staging and creating the appearance of it's own persecution, but not this time. Franklin Graham has served as the honorary chairman of this committee and in accordance with their tradition . . . he was to be the speaker or offer the prayer. Years ago, I did participate in National Day of Prayer, but the task force got so pushy and exclusive that I didn't find it very inviting or G~Dly. It just seemed to present a different message than it did in years past. I personally believe we should be praying for our troops every day and I think we should be thanking G~D for the mercy he has shown this arrogant nation of ours. Keep in mind every time you hear the word PRIDE associated with our nation or America, the words; pride and arrogance are synonyms.
And I will break the pride of your power . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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