Monday, April 12, 2010

Political Staging

Well, here it is, a little over a year of the Obama administration and I'm getting e-mails from republicans telling me how democrats have virtually ruined America and everything the American dream would ever mean or stand for. Wow! Just two short years ago, I was getting virtually the same e-mails from democrats telling me how republicans had ruined the way of life in America and the dream was dead for all the hard working people that did not rule.
Here is what I have gleaned from this. One, the internet is a powerful tool in the hands of those that would persuade. Two, both parties want to sling mud and cast stones, while neither party has a workable solution . . . Three, that's the real reason for a change of power every so often in elections. Four, the party leaders know who their sheeple are and they can count on them to spam the internet with political propaganda. Five, if the blame can continue and keep the people divided, the people won't even see "it" coming.
I'd like to say, any more spam forward, emails that I receive will be cut and pasted to this blog, but there are too many in any given day. So, what I will say is, the ones that stand out particularly annoying will be given as much attention as I possibly can give here at this blog.
. . . the kingdom shall be divide . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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