Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Made in America

When we moved to the country, we decided some sort of mini tractor was in order. A mini tractor is really just a bulky riding mower. Anyway, we looked at mowers, garden tractors, and yard tractors. We looked at Swisher, Husqvarna, and Poulan brands. We finally went with Poulan, as it was American made and Swisher is a bit more of a contraption than I want to deal with. Well, now here we are beginning our 5th mowing season since the big purchase and I believe my husband has replaced the head gasket more times than we've filled the mower with gasoline. It's been so consistent, I actually called the company to see if there was some sort of recall on it. They said no, and something about a warranty. I have my own feelings about warranties, for the most part and my husband has come around to my way of thinking. If it's a fairly new trendy item, I go for a low end warranty, thinking it may still have a few bugs that need to be worked out, but if it's something that has been on the market for awhile, I don't think I need more than the warranty that comes with the purchase. Our common response when they ask if we want an additional warranty is, "How long is built to last?" Then we get some sort of limited blah blah blah answer and ultimately it goes full circle to the question again. It is at that point that I tell them. "If I'm disappointed in the performance and endurance of the product, and have to buy a new one sooner than expected, I'll simply change brands." I mean really, at the price of the extended warranties, you could just about have another new one paid for. So, our Poulan came with a year warranty, I think. And having had to replace the first head gasket within that time, we figured it was just a fluke. Well, we were wrong. It's an annual event. Let me clarify since it's been 5 years and this is only our 4th head gasket. Of course one, came in the original assembly. We moved last year so I only mowed once at the old place and tethered the goats here at the new one. Officially, we didn't replace it last year, but we've only taken two swaths this year and here we are again. I just hope our Poulan will "pull on" through this entire summer! By the way, I've heard nothing but good things about Husqvarna.
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