Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally, Something Our Government isn't Taking Over

I was so relieved to hear some spokesman for the White House tell the press that the government would not be taking the oil mess away from BP. Of course, I am cynical enough to believe the White House doesn't want any more mess on it's hands that it cannot fully blame on the last administration and it was just a couple of weeks after President Obama went against so many in his party to promote this drilling deal, that the mess occurred, so clearly he won't be wanting a turn to hold this hot potato. I did like the reasons that were given, however. The government lacks the expertise and equipment that BP has. I love it. Not being knowledgeable or equipped doesn't usually stop politicians in power. I can't help but wonder if this were an American company what would have been legislated already to answer to the government. Since BP doesn't answer to the White House, if the government did take over, BP could simply pack up and go home.
Now as to the blame game., because it's for sure coming. Cheney, of course, will be linked to Haliburton, apparently forever and some democrats are already bringing that up. And of all things, some so-called conservatives are claiming Obama is too cozy with Big Oil. Funny, big oil is always associated with both parties to an extent to cover their bases and hedge their bets, but the big money goes to the republicans. So as the blame unfolds, I think we need to remember, regardless of who ultimately ends up holding the hot potato, the oil is in the water that affects nature and affects us all.
. . . and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter - the Revelation
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