Monday, June 07, 2010

It's Not Been Blogger's Block

I've not been ignoring this site, either. It's so much bigger than any lame excuse I could even think about coming up with. My problem in this past week and a half is this: it's all just too serious to make fun of and it's all too overwhelming to be dismissed, so something has to be said or written that screams, "WAKE UP!" Feeling that I still don't have that, I decided I had to come on and at least put in an appearance. This Gulf deal is a mess and there is no earthly reason it's political, but since it's washing ashore here in America, of course it's political! And the mess in Gaza is huge, and it's not political, either, but from what I'm reading it's going to just divide along religious political lines as usual. I'm thinking as long as there is division, we are still a a step or two from fulfilling Zechariah 14. I'm amazed at the number of Christians that are passing around articles and videos stating the Rabbis are looking at the fulfillment of Gog and Magog. I haven't seen any Rabbis making that statement, as a matter of fact, they seem to be juggling their own congregants in regard to the entire situation in Palestine. I do believe we are looking at some prophecy coming to pass, but I don't believe the ones that think they are in the know, know what they are seeing. First, anyone that is talking "pre-tribulation rapture" with this Gog and Magog prophecy is going to be disappointed and rethinking their theology as the last days continue to unfold. Next the political secularists which is also a religion of it's own is only going to disagree with the religious right that are awaiting the rapture while beating the drums of war. To politicize these calamities is nothing but pure arrogance and strong delusion. The closer all this gets, the more convinced I am that America truly does appear in Scripture, and it isn't good. Our greed is contaminating the water. Our heavy handedness in the Middle East has brought even more turmoil. And our religion and politics are as intertwined as the Judean Sanhedrin and Constantine's Rome!
For G~D hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of G~D shall be fulfilled. the Revelation 17th Chapter
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