Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Address from Oval Office

How interesting that Candidate Obama could actually pre-empt the World Series to tell us why he should be our president and now it's taken nearly 18 months for him to address us from the Oval Office to discuss what's been going on since he's become president. How nice! Well, he said early on, "I won!" When I heard him say that, all I could think was "we the people" had lost. I'm finding his presidency to be more than just a little disappointing. I listened to some of his speech and it was what I've read throughout his administration. He didn't cause it . . . It won't be fixed overnight . . . We've got more work and rough days ahead . . . He'll find the right people to blame . . . It, as always, whatever "it" is, will be better than before . . . I was not one of the majority that voted "against Bush" in the last election, which clearly won President Obama the majority. I didn't vote for Sarah, either. Truth be told and I mentioned it at the time, with the price of gasoline, I just didn't find it worth the trip to go and write somebody's name in. And so, I didn't. Now, I know the saying. If you didn't vote you can't complain, which is fair. I'm not feeling like complaining anyway, it's more a feeling of being disengaged from the process. Unfortunately, I feel our president is as disengaged from the citizens as I am from Washington, DC.
He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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