Friday, May 07, 2010

Answer to National Day of Prayer

I was not impressed with the way our nation handled National Day of Prayer, but I did think Franklin Graham was quite gracious. I did love the answer I got for a specific prayer I spoke and requested throughout the day, including on air through "Choosing Life." I specifically asked YHVH and asked the listening audience to join me in praying that the 3rd Navy Seal would be found Not Guilty. I was so grateful late last evening when I left clicked to a news site and that was the lead story! Granted, our Pentagon has missed more than one opportunity of late. These three young men should have been given medals, not courts martial, and uninviting someone, anyone to a day of prayer is beyond rude. Our nation really has its nerve, collectively to continue to ask G~D for favors, blessings and mercy, but clearly HE answered this prayer.
And I will be found of you, saith YHVH: and I will turn away your captivity . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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