Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Booms, Busts, and Better Days

I can't help myself. About once a week, I read a collective group of various articles that have been written in the course of a week to compare what the media is recommending that we do, financially. My, personal thought is this, the recession in all likelihood will end in a depression. Considering the inflation our government is creating right now, we've basically got no place to go but down. Since the housing market has crashed . . . or has it? The stock market is supposedly rebounding after most of the moderate investors lost and got out, so now Wall Street has been repossessed by the wealthy, can they sustain it without us? Actually, they don't have to depend upon moderate to upper middle class income for investors, they get our tax dollars, so we're still investing, there are just no dividends. Maybe this will work for Wall Street for a time. But the unsolvable problem ultimately will present itself for a final time. Wall Street invests in money to make more money, and the dollar is losing value. So if Wall Street wants to continue to invest in currency, it may need a new currency to invest in. The talking heads are telling us, gold, is the hedge against it all. Well, gold is higher than it's ever been, so buying high isn't usually the optimum plan, but then again, these talking heads know the mentality of their listeners. I personally think land is the best investment I can see for some time to come, but I think it will ultimately sky-rocket or simply belong to Washington. In the mean time, it only makes sense to make some true lasting investments, like a good winter coat, some good work or walking boots, some fruit jars or freezer bags. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that anyone stop caring about the future, I'm just suggesting that those that truly care about the future may not be seeing it in dollars and cents and more, but rather in devotion and sense.
Cast your bread on the waters; For you shall find it after many days. Ecclesiastes of Holy Scripture
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