Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry, So Sorry!

That's the word from the fat cats of banking and Wall Street. They are sorry they didn't see the crash coming and well golly gee whiz, they are sorry they made the taxpayers angry with the big bonuses. Why, they appreciate the financial assistance they received from the taxpayers. I don't know if their apology angers me as much as the statements from the politicians that are supposedly investigating the alleged misuse of tax dollars in the form of multi-million dollar bonuses. Why would anyone, in any career, expect a bonus for a job poorly done! The fat cats have all admitted to missing the signs and taking unnecessary risks, yet are still deserving of monetary reward??? Seems as though they are sorry, now that they are caught. And what gives on this, not being able to track the money that was loaned. They are financiers! If they can't track finances, who can? If they do that poorly of a job, why do they still have a job, much less one that has included bonuses. The more they explain their stand, the more ridiculous all of this sounds. The fat cats are taking advantage of the fact everyone will crash if they are allowed to. Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt them to spend a day or two or the rest of their lives the way the rest of us live. I don't think my grandson should have to pay for the yachts and trips to Europe they are enjoying now.
Now to the politicians. No wonder they are in Washington deciding what they are going to do to us next. Look at what this former politician had to say about we the people.
The commission's vice chairman, former Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Calif., said the inquiry would try "to get to the bottom of what happened and explain it in a way that the American people can understand."
Let me explain this in a way the American people already understand. The fat cats are on top and they will do anything they can to remain there. The politicians think the people that elect them are not so bright, and considering who we elect, perhaps there is an element of truth to that, but the politicians appear to think if they brandish some political steel, we are suddenly going to swoon into their next campaign and say "my hero!" Well it's real life and we the people know all we can do short of revolution is pay our taxes and watch the puppet show. It's a pretty steep admission charge these days, but we're so far invested now, we can't recoup the loss.
That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered. Ecclesiastes of Holy Scripture
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