Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It Just Depends . . .

Every now and again, I have to blog about the media, because well, sometimes the way the news is reported is news! I was very disappointed this morning in FOXNews on their coverage of the newly-elected Senator, Scott Brown. FOXNews chose to cover the Wednesday morning quarterbacking of the Democrats, rather than give us all the news about Scott. I truly could not believe that FOXNews took a pass regarding sex and politics and actually failed to mention Senator Brown's photo shoot when he wasn't wearing a suit and red tie. And here I thought the red tie was just part of the republican birthday suit. According to Cosmo, I would be wrong. In all balance of fairness, we know if President Obama had any beefcake photos in his past, FOX would be sure to mention them. And if any of the ladies of the Democrats had some racy photos, they'd be FOX headlines, but not this time with the new Senator. Although I always read more than one source of news, it was on CNN that I first saw the term Senator Beefcake. And in all fairness the other way, the skeleton in Scott Brown's closet wouldn't have been any big deal to CNN if he were a democrat, so . . . Wouldn't it be nice if the news was just the news and it didn't depend upon the political leanings of the one making the news?
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