Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to Start

I think tomorrow's special election for the Senate seat is going to speak volumes. If Massachusetts, the only state in the country that already has universal, mandatory health care sends a republican to Washington, then I think we can safely say, they are sending the message that the rest of us won't like what they already have. I guess we'll actually know how the state feels about the legacy of Senator Ted Kennedy regarding the health care bill. Now, if, on the other hand, Martha Coakley is elected, I have one of two theories there. Massachusetts just really is not going to ever vote for anything but Democratic Senators, by tradition and memory of Senator Kennedy, or the other theory, our votes simply don't count and there is an agenda in Washington. As far as health care reform, what the basic agenda appears to be is the mandatory insurance requirement or the penalty for not having it. That tells me our president and probably more than a few Congressmen, for some reason, really can't disappoint the insurance lobby. Now, on to my great entrepreneurial plan. I'm thinking sock puppets and popcorn for the next few years. I mean between Beck and Palin at Fox, the Obama drama in Washington, and the 2010 midterm, it's going to be quite an entertaining year. So we'll be needing popcorn. But I'm thinking sock puppets with some specific design. Can't you see the pastel dress type sock with a few fuzzies and googly eyes for Beck? And remember Scrunch socks, just add some big yarn and draw on some frameless glasses and viola, you have Sarah. You know those really creamy colored tight footie hose that some women wear with their sandals? It would have to be very tight over the hand for well obvious cosmetic reasons . . . then just add little dark bead eyes, and you've got Nancy P. For our President, I picture a taupe or mocha man's dress sock, very expensive, of course. The type that would be worn with an Armani suit and don't draw a smile on it. Now, as for Harry Reid, a worn out light grey with the little symbols or whatever they were, on our dad's socks back in the 60's or 70's. Design them, fill them with a bag of popcorn for popping and I think you've got a money maker on your hands. But remember in political sock puppet theatre, there would never be puppet made from a work sock.
Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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