Friday, October 16, 2009

Zero Tolerance is Ludicrous

After reading about another situation in which an Eagle Scout has been suspended from school for 20 days over having his "survival kit" in his car, which contained a sleeping bag, water, C-rations, and a small pocket knife, a gift from his grandfather, I'm just sick. The man that made this decision, George W. Goodwin, appears to not have any idea what it might mean to be a scout, stands by his authority and his right to be devoid of reason. I, have now come to the conclusion that there is an agenda to emotionally emasculate every male in the country. It started with the ERA and now every real interest a little boy would have is associated with violence, so we hand them game boys and teach them video violence. Here is a quote in the article about Mr. Zero Tolerance, as the Superintendent is referred to.
"Students may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from school" for engaging in violent conduct, which includes merely "possessing a weapon."
This is the second article I've read just this week. I have determined, I need a bumper sticker that states:
I have Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance!
. . . the people could not discern . . . Holy Scripture
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