Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It Just Doesn't Add Up to Me

A video of the IDF soldier, Shalit, has been viewed and the Israeli leaders are satisfied that he is alive and "well" under the circumstances. He was kidnapped three years ago and he's been an interesting "bargaining chip" for Hamas. I don't know how many concessions have already been made by Israel, for safe return of this young man, but this last one simply makes me wonder. Israel agreed to release 20 women prisoners for the video. That's right, just the video! And I think it's only a couple of minutes long. I've read the information, reread the information and it still doesn't make any sense to me. First, the young man is a soldier, so this really should make it some sort of war issue by now, but for some reason, Israel appears to be cowering and conceding. Next, I read the list of the young women that were released and with the exception of just a few, most of their crimes were pretty brutal. There were, as I said, a few that were members of some banned organizations, and several were due to be released by the first of next year, but in the list of names and charges, I read "attempted murder" several times. I'm just an onlooker here, but it really does appear that Hamas will empty the Israeli prison by just throwing crumbs. I'd like to be a peacemaker in this, but seriously, doesn't someone need to ask just how many times this is going to happen? I can't actually nail down an exact number, but Egypt is the arbitrator between Hamas and Israel and they have literally discussed over a thousand prisoners be freed in exchange for Shalit. I see this as a never ending, insatiable demand on the part of Hamas, while one Israeli soldier is all that Israel is asking for. Israel needn't cower and concede.
For their rock is not as our Rock . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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