Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wondering About the News

I'm beginning to wonder just how much of the news is even news. So many of the headlines seem to read like the front of the Enquirer or the Star at the grocery store check-out. As I'm getting the show together for tomorrow and doing a bit of preparing for some other projects, I can't help but wonder as I peruse the "news" how much of this is simply unnecessary information designed to do nothing more than create a stir and sell ads. And I simply can't get over the news agencies that denounce the other news agencies! As if the one telling us we can't believe the media doesn't see the irony in that statement. I discovered a proud moment in my own life, in terms of my participation in media. I have a radio show that airs weekly on Thursdays. I've always heard my producer say the words, but it didn't really click until a couple of weeks ago. When my show ends, my producer says, "Call letters, now joining the Glenn Beck show, already in progress." I find it quite the ego boost to know my show actually pre-empts 30 minutes of the Glenn Beck show. I mean, to listen to him tell it, nobody is supposed to quiet him. He's quite sure we all should want to listen to his shrill rambling and sobbing accusations. Well for those that can get the gist of his message in less than 3 hours a day, we have options. Turns out I don't need political clout or accusations or any other con-artist, charlatan approach. I simply have a show called "Choosing Life," which would only make sense to pre-empt some of the brouhaha!
The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart, and good news invigorates the bones. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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