Monday, October 12, 2009

Does It Truly Require Legislation?

I think I'm finally getting a grasp on all this legislation. Our politicians appear to have nothing else to do and we have apparently become a self-centered society void of compassion for others. The idea that children with allergies have to lobby Congress to make laws for their safe and comfortable school attendance just seems unnecessary. As I read the article, the kids said if they can get whatever law passed, that they have lobbied, then every year at the beginning of the year and when they change schools they and their parents can meet with the teachers, etc. to determine the best course of action, atmosphere, and diet to address their allergies. It really takes laws for teachers to care about the kids' allergies and asthma? Really? It requires federal legislation for parents of affected children to be heard by the public school system? Again, really? I find that both sad and disgusting. I remember kids with allergies and asthma when I was in school and the teachers did everything they could to keep the kids comfortable and avoid exacerbation. As a matter of a fact, in elementary school, if we kids saw someone in distress, we went and got a teacher to help them. When we got older, we pitched in and offered assistance, ourselves! Without any laws or anything! We operated on just the simple basic idea that someone having a serious allergic reaction or asthma attack needed assistance, and if something triggered that reaction, if it was possible, we avoided it, moved it, or threw it outdoors. It wasn't tattling and it wasn't butting in, it was caring about another human being. I'm getting a little sick of a tolerant, supposedly caring society, that requires laws to take proper precaution and measures for people to simply be thoughtful of another human being. Why doesn't a so called Christian nation simply live by the Christian text?
And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. New Testament
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