Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Perverse Stupidity

And no, I'm not referring to David Letterman, I'm talking about Sarah Palin and her schmendrik husband. The audacity of this woman simply astounds me. To even think that someone would suggest something sexual about an under aged girl fits my definition of perverse. The entire world presumed he was referring to the 18 year old, who has been plastered on magazines for months and appeared on talk shows like a political prop. No one in their right mind, pardon the pun, would think David Letterman was referring to the younger daughter. That presumption, in my book, is perversion. Truth be told, Sarah, nobody cares that much about whether you appeared or didn't appear and what family members attend your functions, so it was only natural to really just make fun of all the "real people" things Sarah has liked to parade in front of the country. Sarah is the one that has called all the sexual attention to her "campaigning" by making teens famous for their irresponsible behavior. And now, Bristol is the poster girl for abstinence. Please! Those of us that really are living real lives find this just a bit questionable. The evangelical right has certainly changed their stand in the last thirty years, only they used to hide the girls in shame, not parade them. And the girls were the ones blamed, not the rest of the world for not keeping their mouths shut. Ah, American conservatism, what a shining example of values and morality. Do what you want, seek all the attention you can grab and then blame someone else. Nice touch, there folks. All this has done is made me realize how much I enjoyed David Letterman when I used to have a TV. He's made some lousy jokes through the years, but mostly he's funny, and contemporary with political issues. He may have some jokes that bomb, but I have never heard or read that he has condoned or even suggested anything sexually perverse involving under aged children. Palins, that's your suggestion, not his. And just for the record, I believe David Letterman has been a comedian much longer than Sarah has been a politician. So, all things considered, if David Letterman was suggesting inappropriate material, I think it would have surfaced by now. Unlike trooper-gate, and family travel at the state's expense, I do believe David Letterman feels he owes a certain accountability for which he takes responsibility! Seems his answers to the accusations were much more socially acceptable than the accusations and the response to his invitation.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? New Testament
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