Friday, June 26, 2009

Politics In the News

Of course, I'm sure anyone reading this blog has by now heard of the deaths of three prominent entertainers, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. Our prayers go out to their families, as they grieve the losses of their loved ones. Americans are an interesting lot. When celebrities die, many people who did not know them grieve their passing. And when politicians err or sin, many pass their judgment or make excuses as if they are personally involved, which is the topic of this blog. Mark Sanford has certainly made a splash. Although the comments come as no surprise, I do find it interesting how the morality and blame changes according to party lines. The excuses and the blame have absolutely nothing to do with morality or right or wrong, simply politics! The same people that just 10 short years ago that the impeachment and asked for the resignation of President Clinton are now making excuses and well blaming the media, of course. They are not even addressing the adultery factor, just the timing by the media. I actually heard Ann Coulter tell the guest host on the Dennis Miller show, just yesterday, that the media knew about this 'situation' last December. So that means all the pundits knew about this last December. Where was the outrage last December? And all the tolerant democrats that want his resignation! What's with that? He didn't leave the state in any sort of problem. They have a lieutenant governor and good grief American news is covered around the world, so I'm sure if anything major happened in South Carolina, it would have made the news in South America. I think in listening to this, the thing that offends me most is that he didn't spend Father's Day with his children. And I think I agree with his wife, his political career makes no difference to me. I am appalled at the conservative pundits who won't even address the real issue. And I am disgusted by the liberal politicians who are pointing fingers. I don't want to hear about tolerance from anyone pointing a finger and I don't want to hear about family values from anyone making excuses, or tossing distractions. Regardless of state business, regardless of marital difficulties and regardless of his policy regarding "foreign affairs," the man should have spent Father's Day with his children, all of whom I believe are sons, and for whom he should be setting an example.
And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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