Tuesday, June 30, 2009


With our electric bill from our rural Cooperative, New-Mac, came the regular newsletter. The newsletter explains to us every month what "they" are doing for us or to us and how we must cooperate with the cooperative, like we're co-owners or something. This month's article was entitled, "Understanding the Issues." I realize there are political issues, but what I've noticed is the "new roof" on a building that appears to be less than 20 years old and the notice of 2 annual increases based solely upon the fact that there wasn't an increase in 17 years. Well, I'm happy for those that didn't see an increase for 17 years, but I'm one of those customers/members that saw two increases in less than 4 years and all I've noticed is a new roof on the buildings, two lanes now for making payments, a hassle when I call and programmed rhetoric! Well, back to the newsletter: which states in Understanding the Issues:
"Adding to the uncertainties facing consumers today are the discussions going on in Washington, D.C, where Congress is considering what to do about the climate change issue. In a nutshell, they are debating putting limits and taxes on the release of carbon dioxide into the air."
Congress is planning to tax us for exhaling? . . . not for breathing, per se, but for returning carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If this becomes law, then the Obama administration has exceeded the Bush administration in Power! Clearly, we can all understand how our nation taxes, but just how will our government impose "limits?"
Just when you thought income taxes were outrageous. And just when you thought you understood personal property taxes, not to mention real estate tax, but a tax on breathing? . . . or a limit . . .
I guess we’ll all be holding our breath on this one!
And YHVH G~D formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; Torah of Holy Scripture
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