Friday, March 13, 2009

Political Posturing

I believe that's what it's called when someone introduces something to see the reaction and response. Although they are vying for a position of leadership, this wannabe leader is actually looking for the signs from the crowd. The wannabe leader, without great risk to their personal aspirations, does what the crowd wants to see, or says what the crowd wants to hear . . . Kind of runs something up the flagpole to see who salutes, so to speak . . . Sarah Palin is the best example I can give regarding political posturing. She hit the hot button topic, "life" and ran with it every way she could, first and foremost as a conservative, then as a past forty mom with a special needs baby, right down to raising her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend to fame and "fortune" through the Republican National Convention, all because her daughter and he chose to practice unsafe sex. Now, is that just priceless or what? The same women that would gossip and point fingers in the local community, stood and applauded Bristol and her mom, standing behind her. I don't know why I'm so unimpressed, it really was a tactical feat and quite the political strategy. I know from personal experience, single teen age moms didn't used to get the support this one has. I told my husband when I saw the photo-ops, they weren't going to make it to a summer wedding. If Bristol and friend actually planned to marry, they would have before the baby came. I mean this is the party and thinking of: "shotgun weddings are atonement for fornication." And not that I am suggesting the solution from Torah, either, but it did get me thinking. In Bible times, when these unmarried women were "caught in the act of fornication or adultery," and pregnancy would be "caught," they were stoned. What happened to the unborn child? hmmm. . . Just one of those, I never thought about it deals. I find it the most curious, that it is usually, at least it was for me, those that did the proper thing and trapped some guy, tend to be the most judgmental toward a woman that just realizes her mistake and chooses to not "make it right" with another mistake. That is not to say, to choose to have the baby is a mistake, but rather, the circumstances and the other person involved are often a matter of poor judgment. I have no idea what I think of Bristol Palin, because I think she's been elevated to stardom for basically no reason, other than her mom needed a great prop at the time, and the pro-life crowd got all excited. I don't think they'll be quite so excited when they realize the "right and proper choice" has been called off. I am glad, and I do speak from experience, that through all of this, the young, single moms, are treated with more civility, but still that dropping out of school and teen-age motherhood have not become something to actually admire. And just out of curiosity, since Levi wasn't so excited, after all, big surprise!; and they weren't married, just who did foot the bill on this blessed event?
The integrity of the upright shall guide them . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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