Monday, March 23, 2009

Okay, This is the Solution . . .

I've never read about or heard so much confidence in every move that's made, and yet, more upon more continues to be needed. I think this economic solution of printing money and selling bonds to foreign nations is ridiculous. The only people that are not benefiting by this Obama plan are the same ones that did not benefit when Bush started the war in Iraq, the average American grandchild. We have the ultra rich maintaining and even some making money and of course, other countries are making money or at least holding something they can collect on, but not the average American and certainly not the average American's children and grandchildren. They are going to be paying for all these "sure fire fixes" long after we've all lived out a normal life expectancy. I am glad they are backing down on that 90% tax business, as we all know, our government's one time tax legislation never sunsets, it only expands to other levels. I'm amazed at the number of people that are still ignorantly trusting this new administration, as it has already spent as much as most of us were griping about Bush spending. Debt is debt, and forty years from now, nobody will care which side of the aisle caused the debt, the collection thereof, will be exacted by another sovereign power, anyway. Selling our debt to another nation, enslaves us, pure and simple. And while our government officials want to crack down on bankers and insurers for doing a lousy job and I would agree with their assessment, I have yet more assessment to offer. Our legislators aren't doing such a whiz bang job and they haven't been for several years. I think it's time to fire them all, stop the life long perks and get real people on Capitol Hill. We don't need all the money to campaign, the internet is cheap and we can get a grass roots movement happening. Let's get real people to Washington and get the current mess gone, along with their lobbyist buddies. I didn't like it when Nixon started making long range promises to China, I didn't like it when Clinton and Walmart sold us out to China. I didn't approve of Bush selling us out to Saudi oil and Iraq reconstruction, and I do not appreciate the man of hope and audacity selling us out to all of the above and turning Afghanistan and Pakistan into VietNam. Confidence in a proposal that really doesn't resolve the issue is just cockiness and arrogance. I didn't appreciate it all the other times it arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I don't appreciate it now. Our current President is confident in his ability to express and incite confidence in him!
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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