Friday, February 05, 2010

What Gives?

First I read that there were actually nearly 1 million more jobs lost in this recession than previously counted, and now I read the headline today that unemployment has actually gone down. That's right! In simple English, not political schpeel, here's the scoop. The shell game has moved from war and terror to employment and health care. Still moving the shells all around the table while we guess where the pea or nut is. The unemployment rate has gone down for two reasons. Fewer people are collecting unemployment, thus changing the stats and the second reason is, I think, even sadder. Jobs are being split to change the stats, so more people are hired at fewer hours, not to mention the largest generation in the country is hitting retirement age and social security, so the boomers are leaving the equation, from the employment side. So, for the moderate percentage of people that are actually in the employment figures, many of them are taking hour reduction and pay cuts to remain on the employment roll. You have to be in the government TARP program to get any bonuses! And for the rest of the stats, as I've mentioned before, social security recipients, children, stay at home moms, self-employed, the disabled, and those receiving SSI and welfare, aren't even figured into the unemployment equation. Not to worry. The government is going to "create" jobs, meaning more government payroll from the the ever deficient tax rolls.
Let there more work be laid upon the men . . .
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