Monday, February 22, 2010


After passing by the dairy case in the grocery store today, I planned to blog about the price of milk and dairy products in general. I like to do a bit of research before I just run my fingers over the keyboard and hit SEND, and I was shocked at what I read.
When dairy prices went up earlier in the decade, farmers purchased more cows to produce more of this wonderful creamy white beverage. Then, something happened. There was too much milk and prices began to fall, then the economy tanked and farmers couldn't feed a herd for what they were paid for the milk, so there is an organization in Arlington, Virginia called, The National Milk Producers Federation that actually pays farmers to slaughter their herd rather than sell them. And with fewer cows, the price of milk goes back up, but then so does the price of cheese and butter and baby formula. I read an economist is really foretelling a pretty bleak cost of grocery increase throughout 2010, as dairy products go. And of course, we also have to consider all the other food items that contain dairy products in the recipe, knowing those prices will increase also.
From the looks of things, it would behove many to consider a small acreage and become self-sustaining. There aren't enough jobs for everyone to attempt a second or third job to be able to afford groceries.
Hast thou not poured me out as milk . . . the book of Job of Holy Scripture
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