Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Speaks

I've had a bit of fun today. I'm not so much interested in Tiger Wood's speech as I am in reading all the commentary on his speech. I'm amazed at the number of people who truly believe his private life is their business. I also found it interesting to see the number of people that don't believe a word of it, verses the die hard believers in their Tiger. I am anxious to see, however; if sexual addiction gains the same status as alcoholism and drug addiction. I mean he's in rehab. So, if adultery will no longer be considered sinful, but rather an illness, that's going to change some guidelines in divorce court. Not that adultery is even considered in many cases, but to relabel a lack of self-control, and present it to be some sort of malady seems just a bit on the irresponsible side. I don't have any idea what Tiger said beyond "I'm sorry," "leave my wife and kids out of this," and there was never any domestic violence. That last one was the one that made me think it's all a nice ruse. Maybe his head bump really was a result of the SUV hitting the fire hydrant, but I'll never believe a golf club through the window was part of a rescue attempt by his wife, after the crash. I'm thinking more along the lines and I believe even blogged about it back when it happened; that the golf club crashing through the back window may have been the startling distraction that caused the collision with the hydrant. Allegedly, of course! At any rate, a golf club through the window certainly sounds like domestic violence to me, unless it doesn't count as "domestic" because it happened outside of the house. Ah semantics. Maybe Bill Clinton will be up to nine holes by the time Tiger gets out of rehab. I would imagine the two of them would have a lot to not talk about.
Thou shalt not commit adultery. Torah of Holy Scripture
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