Friday, September 18, 2009


I've only read this one place, and I don't have time right now to research it, but it bears sharing, if it's true. I read that the same recall and fines applies to selling used items as it does to retailers. What I gather that to mean, is this. If you sell something that has been on the recall list, say on e-bay, or technically, even at a garage sale, the potential fines are astronomical. Our government is protecting us from ourselves once again . . . and of course, the government wants to protect the children. So until further research or corroboration, I'd suggest that everyone be careful. If you're selling the old stuff in the attic and basement to try to stretch the budget, make sure you won't have to come up with an extra $100,000.00 per item on the recall list. The article was archived rather quickly at FOX, so I'm not sure, but just in case . . . I truly hope this isn't one more way to shackle those that are trying to stay afloat. And I do hope Congress has more to do than pass yet more legislation to make us all a 1/2 step away from law breaker.
And that no man might buy or sell . . . the Revelation
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