Friday, September 11, 2009

Over the Top and Gone Way Too Far!

The South African runner, Caster Semenya, has really been treated horribly by the media. She's the woman that beat all records in the 800m something. Anyway, there was a question regarding her gender and possibly performance enhancement drugs. Well, she's cleared on the drug deal and "media word" is, she's outwardly a female, but has internal male organs. Since the rumored claim states internal, obviously this is not something she is trying to hide, but rather was hidden from her. I realize I'm old fashioned in my view, but I've always considered the best gender test to simply be a mirror when getting out of the shower. As a general rule of thumb, what you see is what you are. Oh, I know, according to TV talk shows, there are "women in men's bodies" and vice versa. But this is an 18 year old young woman that has all external evidence of being a female. I read that her voice was rather deep, so is mine. I read that her muscles are very toned. I wish mine were, and I've seen some females that are. Of course her speed is what really raised the question of gender. She is fast! I looked at her picture at the time of the race and I saw her picture on the front of the magazine and IMHO, she looks like an athlete. I've seen a number of female athletes that do not look terribly feminine at the time of their competition, and look rather chiseled and firm even in dresses. She was quite attractive on the magazine cover, though. The IAAF has not confirmed what the media has claimed, which is really the point of my blog. If what the media is claiming is true, which is unconfirmed, she is still a female that was not using performance enhancing drugs. She has the higher testosterone level in her body, naturally. Good for her! Some women with high testosterone can't beat world records, they just have a mustache. I do think this is the tackiest of all tacky and a horrible invasion of her privacy. She shouldn't have to read, even a rumored account about herself, and if it is true, all the worse that this has been made public, the way it has. She is outwardly female and if she either lacks ovaries or has both ovaries and testicles, she certainly shouldn't have to read it on the internet. If it is true, she has a lot to deal with. If she's a woman without ovaries, let her have her race, she can't have children, and now with this breaking "news" she can't have her life back, either. Her life will never be the same, whether this is fact or fiction. I don't know how anyone could do this to an 18 year old girl that had just won the race of a lifetime.
I used to think journalism was a worthy career, but it seems it's been inundated with busy bodies, gossips, and meddlers. This story is not news, it's unconfirmed.
It's presumptive gossip, at best, and malicious prevarication, at worst.
And withal they learn to be idle . . . and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. New Testament
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