Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Big Speech

Our President is really determined to "give" us health care. He feels as strongly about our health care as the last President felt about war. And health care and war just cost so much! I'm even thinking war contributes to the rising costs of health care. So, knowing our President is a persuasive and gifted orator, will he get the votes needed to give us what most of us already have and don't want? He really is an eloquent speaker, but the campaigning time is over. Now he has to lead and deliver. It's so hard to do that when someone doesn't want to actually pin themselves down with a potentially unpopular stand. As I've watched this Presidency, he just really doesn't strike me as a leader, as much as he's a speaker and a campaigner. I don't think he was expecting his popularity to be changing so rapidly. Well, perhaps he'll pull yet another rabbit out of his hat and win the people, but I'm thinking the tide has turned . . . already.
. . . saying, The glory is departed . . . History of Holy Scripture
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