Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Those words are the background, moving sound before Sean Hannity opens his mouth. The words and the music are gripping and the feeling of the words swell within your very soul, until you realize you are in the presence of Sean and then it's just well in a word, OVER. Ben Burnanke says he thinks the recession is likely over. Now there's a good strong; "maybe, we'll see." Yet rising unemployment is still expected and nobody even mentions the monumental debt that has never been addressed, other than to know we plan to have our grandchildren pay it, because we still have two generations of people that are going to collect, because they paid into it. Just a quick math question for all concerned. How do you sort the difference between what gets assigned to be inherited debt and what is acceptable to be collected as the result of some contribution? And, of course, we have the annual flag pledge debate. This year it's gotten interesting though. Some states are having the schools inform the children, "they have the right to remain silent." What a deal, with all the hupti-la about "under G~D," now for the most part whether it's religious reasons or anti-religious reasons, these children are read their Miranda rights over their beliefs or their parent's beliefs. Just for a quick history lesson, a Baptist preacher wrote the "pledge of allegiance" back in 1892 and it did not contain the words "under G~D." Congress added those words in 1954 through the McCarthy era. So, if a Baptist preacher didn't think it needed to be there and Congress added it, sounds like America envisioned G~D to be more of a political pawn than the Almighty Creator that stated we are not to pledge our allegiance to anyone or anything but HIM. Even though it is for the most part the atheists making a stand about this, the Jehovah's Witness kids have been out in the hall for years while the pledge is recited and from what I can tell, it really is Scriptural to use that "right to remain silent."
Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image . . .
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