Thursday, September 03, 2009

Come on Now Pfizer

This is going to sound just a little bit smug, on my part, and even though I am not directly involved, I felt just a bit of self-righteous glee over the headline that Pfizer will be paying over $2B in fines and whatever . . . As I read the article, the company obviously promises to implement new policy and procedure. Which I think now translates to: new ways around this old rule, and more persuasive lobbyists! Every big company is always sorry and always takes responsibility when they get caught, right? Seems they were actually promoting a few meds making claims that had not been FDA approved for the claims, and although the term kick back wasn't used, there was plenty of rewarding those in positions to write prescriptions. The four medications in question had been FDA approved for something, but when some of the "side effects" produced positive results in some other physical issue, Pfizer indicated the claims began to "take on a life of their own." The court says otherwise. Clearly these big corporations know the rules, and you'd think with the product that's being made, they would want a certain level of trust from the consumer. So why didn't they just do it right? And I just can't help but wonder. If Pfizer has over 2 billion to toss around over carelessness, why not reduce the price of prescriptions? That might do wonders on the cost of health care, without a big bill to reform it.
We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble! a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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