Tuesday, December 07, 2010

See Something, Say Something

America, with all the agencies we have to harass us to keep us safe, we are now being advised to be on the look out, ourselves. The campaign for self preservation is officially entitled: "See Something, Say Something;" and so I shall! First, I don't understand why Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security needed Walmart in the act. Why did the super retailer get the only mention? I'm sure there are many businesses that would want their customers to report suspicious situations or persons, but Janet Napolitano singled out Walmart as being concerned about Homeland Security! So, is Walmart now cozying up with government in ways no other retailer can? I'm sure the independents can't afford the price to be mentioned by Homeland Security, not to mention, many have more integrity than to take advantage of Americans in such a way. But what about the other retail chains? Is it a case of integrity, favortism, or lobby? I truly don't think it has anything to actually do with security and safety! I've believed for years that Walmart would usher us into the era of buying and selling according to the will of the beast and this is simply one step closer to confirming that for me. Won't be long til we have to be patted down to enter and leave the malls and SuperCenters. While we are being told we are still a Super Power, let me share this observation, just for what it's worth. We are the biggest consuming nation on the planet, we are over 12 trillion dollars in debt, and that's just what TPTB are telling us, so who knows what the bottom line really is. We appear to be afraid of our own shadow. Our volunteer military is stretched beyond any possible limits of adequacy. We are either afraid to get on an airplane without being stripped of dignity or we are afraid of those that are doing the stripping, but we are clearly afraid. So what about all of this tells any of us we are a Super Power? We are quickly becoming the Continent of Containment. If we listen to Janet and Walmart and become a nation of snitches. "See Something, Say Something" is nothing more than government sanctioned 'snitchery' and 'stool pigeonry.' Who knew, some day tattling would be defined as patriotism? Are we really willing to give up every shred of integrity to have our very own government render us captive for our own safety? Just how far will we go out of fear?
Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed . . . history in Holy Scripture
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