Friday, December 17, 2010

More of the Shell Game . . .

The Bush era tax-cuts have been extended for two more years and Unemployment for another year. The accounting technique for all these great "gimmes" is getting quite interesting. Everything is being explained to spread out over the next 10 years, so that should mean none of the people that are truly reaping the benefits will be alive to pay for it. Oh, I almost forgot, Social Security withholding is dropping two percent just for 2011, so rather than being broke by 2018, it should hit the liability column about the same year mandatory health care reaches it's full potential against the American people. Actually Social Security paid out more than it took in this year, 2010, first time since it's inception. So, although it's still operational, it's hit this point 8 years earlier than projected. Not to worry, though, I read Medicare will remain solvent until 2029, because of cost cuts through the health care reform. Sounds rather ominous to me. What I find interesting in all of this, if you can call it that, is the fact that we are being told that the President was out-bluffed by the presumed now powerful republicans. Hold on though, and you know I'm not a republican, but truth matters. This bill just went through the same Senate and same House that gave us the Health Care Reform. The newly elected shift in power isn't there yet! So, now the democrats and the President claim to have been out-powered by the republicans who are still in the minority? Just how does that work. I get so tired of our politicians acting like we the people are too stupid to realize what they are up to. This is the lame duck session of the same bunch that shoved three or four trillion dollars worth of mess down our collective throat for the last two years. Nancy is still the speaker of the House and the Senate is still primarily democrat, so although we are being told the paradigm of power has shifted, that hasn't yet happened and won't until January 3, 2011.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. New Testament
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