Friday, December 24, 2010


I have a certain opinion of gay rights. I think in a country that claims to be founded on freedom for all, but Bible based, there is an automatic conflict that will not be resolved, which is what has become conservative vs. liberal politics. The religious right want their rights and one of those rights appears to be, the right for everyone to live according to what they think is right. Now, the liberal politics are just as annoying. They want to be the nanny state and make everybody play nice, no winners, no losers, just everybody be different but the same. So, we have the manufactured paradox that cannot be settled politically, because both sides are wrong! Our nation was no more founded on Scripture than Iran or China. Both of those countries have laws against murder and theft, as well, and they have many stringent laws besides for which the consequence are grave, literally. Now, to get back to DADT, the real reason for my concern is not that I want to tell other people how to live, because in my humble opinion, G~D already has, but there is a bigger issue. Our military has been among the strongest and most feared in the world, but we have turned our soldier's existence into a political free for all that may have far reaching ramifications. We are in two wars in the Middle East and those Middle Easterners are pretty straight laced and straight forward about their feelings about being straight. So what happens when DADT is repealed and gay soldiers can serve openly. What happens if the gay soldier becomes a prisoner of war? How will they be treated? What happens if the various terrorizing enemies determine the US military personnel will all be treated as if they are gay? What will happen to the well being of those that are already thrust into harm's way? And what will happen to our military for those that don't want the repeal? What happens if 1/3 of our Marines don't reenlist? What happens to the soldiers that come out, when they are dealing with other soldiers that just don't like the idea, and that is a fact. For every person that thinks gay is okay, there are just as many who take issue with it. I didn't think women in a combat unit was a good idea either. Although I am a conscientious objector, I just truly think these men that believe they are to take up arms and defend the country are best left to not deal with politically correct issues under fire. I'm thinking, coming out, may entail more than anyone has really considered. If we are going to make laws contrary to the Word of G~D, asking HIM to bless the troops and bring victory is just a bit presumptuous, I'd say.
Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the Name of YHVH our G~d. from a Psalm of Holy Scripture
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