Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tiger's Home

Now, this is just a theory, but here goes. He came out of "treatment" just long enough to give a very scripted press release, then returned to rehab and now he's "in recovery." I'm thinking that was to let the dust settle after his "stirring" apology. Clearly, I don't know how they figure this sex addiction stuff, but if it's like alcohol, smoking, or gambling, does he have to remain celibate for life? I mean if it's an addiction . . . I'm a "delivered" smoker, for what nearly 20 years now, and I know if I picked them back up, I'd be hooked again in no time. I don't really have alcohol issues, but I dated a guy that was in AA and social drinking or date drinking was an absolute NO NO. He was a teetotaler. I think gamblers anonymous recommends that folks refrain from visiting the Casinos and choose a vacation destination other than Vegas. So what's Tiger going to do? He's got a drop dead gorgeous wife and getting back in the "swing" of the golf touring. What's he to do? If his sexual addiction is truly an addiction like all the others, he's going to have to refrain from indulging. I mean if it's an addiction, one night with Elin could send him right back to binging, so to speak. And what's with this anyway? Why is it always the just average or less looking guys with some great looking woman that they have to destroy her self esteem and devistate her? I say, Elin should stand her ground and realize most men would truly appreciate her. She's in for heartache and poor treatment if she is going to try to rebuild this marriage. Hopefully part of the mantra Tiger learned in sex rehab is, "the check is in the mail."
Thou shalt not commit adultery. Torah of Holy Scripture
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