Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missouri Owes this Country an Apology

I've really been on a campaign of sorts, reminding myself and encouraging others to choose life. It was through all this enthusiasm a thought crossed my mind. On behalf of my state, Missouri, I'd like to apologize to the entire country. Back in 2000, John Ashcroft was running against Mel Carnahan for the US Senate. Mel Carnahan and his son were killed in a plane crash just weeks before the election. Well, having already had Mr. Ashcroft for a governor, Missourians were not shy about electing a deceased person to be our Senator. We knew John Ashcroft wasn't going to represent us! At any rate, the thought occurred to me, just the other day. If we, Missourians, had not chosen a dead man over John Ashcroft, perhaps the USA Patriot Act would not have come to pass. Imagine a world where you could board a plane without security knowing what you look like naked! Imagine a world where nobody had to debate whether or not simulated drowning was torture! Imagine a world where a strong nation didn't just start wars, because they were mad and didn't want to confront the real parties responsible! Imagine a world where the USA didn't look like paranoid war-mongers! Imagine a world in which a state that was familiar with the candidates would choose life, rather than death! I'm sorry country, I'm sorry world, that we, Missourians, elected a dead guy, because had we voted differently, John Ashcroft would have simply been 1 in a 100 Senators, rather than Attorney General of the United States. We'll never get the results and long term effects of that election remedied.
therefore choose life, that both thou and thy children may live: Torah of Holy Scripture
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