Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Talk about Levi Johnston, Shall We . . .

Young, good looking, athletic and yet . . . the engagement is called off and the attempt to control him with his son has been interesting if not ineffectual. I guess, every time I see this mess in the headlines I just can't help but wonder about a few other details. Like just what was the family values mom doing through all the time that led up to the famous teen-age love story. Why was the young Palin allowed to date a guy that was a high school drop out, that turns out will pose for Playgirl? Where is the mom/grandma as little Trig and Trip are growing up in Wasilla? I don't understand this Hatfield and McCoy situation when it could have easily been avoided by a stay at home mom with family values. I did some checking, it seems Bristol grew up with a very busy mom. Just can't help but wonder if kids that are left to their own devices come up with some ideas that are not always so great! As Levi is vilified on behalf of Sarah, I just can't help but wonder why a mom who is supposedly so conservative in her family values and with such a large family chooses to spend so much time away from home. Maybe if the children had been living in the governor's mansion like most families do when a parent is elected to such an office, there wouldn't have been so much unsupervised time at home for young men like Levi to spend time.
It seems to me, Levi Johnston is a basic teen-ager that's been given little direction or held to much accountability, but then it seems that Sarah is a full grown woman that likes power and attention and that seems to have left Bristol home to raise herself and her younger siblings. I realize not all situations are as they appear, but that is how it seems. I think it really is time to stop giving these teens so much attention for what they have done. There are teen-agers all over the world that have managed to make babies. I just think it's sad that Bristol now is on her own again, raising another generation.
She looketh well to the ways of her household . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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