Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Altruism at it's Truly Finest

I've been watching this health care reform theatre for some time now, and commenting on it as the occasion arose. Now that it's a fact, I think I see more to it than I realized before. Oh, I know, all the old people are afraid of the death panels and all the young people now have even less motivation to grow up and get a job than before, but I have now seen something in a completely new light. I realize it's been debatable which side of the aisle was taking over America, but the fact is, Washington has been taking over the country, for years. The democrats have realized that the majority of the people will go along with bigger government if they promise some sort of cookie along the way. The republicans still can't seem to understand, the elite lose their aristocracy if they become the common majority, so they force issues, which ultimately causes the people to elect another democrat. But this time, I saw the two sides working together back at the beginning of this presidential campaign. I saw the republicans throwing this one, and I saw, then, Candidate Obama moving through the crowds and gaining political power like I've never seen before. But he had something Hillary didn't have. He had no record regarding health care reform, and both sides of the aisle knew that. She shot herself in the foot as first lady when she was going to transform health care. Now Obama had a clean slate, so to speak, and by now the powers that be realized the American people would not even have to be coerced or dumbed down, if they could have the power over the medicine. President Bush had already signed into law the e-records and veri-chip plan. The American people are disgustingly subservient when it comes to their health. A doctor can tell anyone to do just about anything, and regardless, the vast majority of Americans will do it. Now, as far as I'm concerned, the physician's assistants, the nurses, and the techs have simply been walking in lock step, "just following orders," for years. I know of what I speak. Before I walked with G~D, I worked in the health care industry, but I repented twenty years ago from doing that to others, and then about 10 years ago, I repented from faith in medicine and pharmaceuticals, all together. I've never felt better! Now that holding a doctor accountable is called a "frivolous law suit," and pharmaceutical errors are simply "class action settlements" and the rest of the health care workers have one of two excuses, either they were following orders, or it's the way it's always been done . . . I can't help but feel kind of good watching the health care professionals squirm. It's truly poetic justice for what they have put the people through, and now they will have to share the control with the government. I have found my stand regarding health care has been considered, either more controversial than red/blue politics, or simply the rantings of someone that is unproven. I don't think the government really cares who lives and who dies, it's about the money and the power, but then I've thought for years, that modern medicine was about money and power. If it wasn't, would catastrophic illness be the number one reason for bankruptcy? If it wasn't about money and power, would the health care professionals be so worried about giving up their money and power? I'd say most health care professionals will feign having seen the light, but the reality is, they had years to get out of the corrupt system, but the money was just too good, and the prestige unquestionable. Now, they are sure they don't want to be treated by the government the same way, they've treated their frightened patients.
Be not deceived; G~D is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. New Testament
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