Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recent Presidential History

Anyone who thinks the President of the United States calls all the shots has clearly never heard of Lincoln or Kennedy!
The Presidents of the United States answer to someone, or they get taken out . . . Somewhere behind the scenes, the real authority is in place.  I have no idea how far back it goes to the point we were sold out, but since then; we've continued to be sold down the tubes.   In order to live with having been sold, the wild idea has been perpetuated, to blame and change parties and argue amongst ourselves, without seeing the true situation.   Our political differences are not so different and will not change the inevitable.  I'm beginning at the point I became an American adult, although I know the foundation and building blocks of this direction were already in place before that.  No one man in the oval office, so far, deserves full credit or blame.  It's been incremental, regardless of party.

I've been shown a perspective of the base of our problem, which of course is, as always; the love of money.  Jimmy Carter made the mistake of not curbing inflation, under the apparent crazy notion that currency with no standard was only paper.  It didn't seem to matter to him.  I became 21 years of age in 1979 and that was the year Iran took American hostages and in that move, control of the US election in 1980.  It was through the 80's the Middle Class began to die, truly die.  It wasn't over night, but the high end of the Middle Class became upwardly mobile, and the rest began to sink. The demise of the Air Traffic Controllers Union was just the beginning of government control over Air transportation, and now we have very few airlines and a powerful TSA, but that's not all that collapsed, it was only the beginning.

Remember Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker?  What was once fraud is now religious business as usual?  Money! Follow the money trail to the division of America!

Although we had no embassy in Iran anymore, due to the hostage crisis that was negotiated by Jimmy Carter, but resolved the day Reagan was inaugurated; yet I digress, Iran ended up with an arms deal with the US in 1986, and we were in a recession in 1987, with the deficit more than tripled through this administration.  Do I think Ronald Reagan did all this to collapse the middle class or boost Iran?  Absolutely not, he was clearly, only a figure head.  Now, his VP, I personally believe is better connected to the true powers that be, but I don't know his actual prominence.

Which brings us to the next President, Bush 41, further diminishing the middle class, as it scrambled with the Savings & Loan collapse, and more dramatic increase of the national deficit.  It was through these two administrations, however; that the moral majority gained a voice, but no change.  A voice that claimed authority brought religion and money to an interesting union in our nation's churches, while the middle class continued to drown in a sea of debt.  The American dream was very much based upon the ideology that the land of opportunity meant everyone should have the opportunity to be in debt . . .  So we then obviously leaned to the left . . .

If anyone can truly see a difference in the policies of Bill Clinton and Bush 41, I'd like to know what they were.  Bush 41 introduced NAFTA, Bill Clinton brought it.  The Republican Party has always been more opposed to the welfare program, Bill Clinton put the limits in place.  Clinton and Bush became a charity fund raising team after both of them left office!  These two men have proved better than any, the parties are not so different.  Now, I'm not saying they possess the same personal moral values, but in all honesty, I think Clinton was just a side show, while the pieces continued to fall into place behind the scenes.  The banking "industry" enjoyed some wonderful deregulation while the nation raged about Bill and Monica.   Not only were most well paying jobs outsourced by the end of last century through no fault of Bush 43, sex was clearly no longer a taboo subject.  Credit not only goes to Clinton on that, but to talk radio pundits, as well!  Meanwhile, much banking got deregulated and the economy literally exploded on the idea there was excess . . . I knew very few who had a union job in the 70's, even 80's that still worked for the same company by Clinton's second term.

Sadly, the point I'm closing with is truly heart-wrenching.  We have become such a divided country through these years, there's no going back.  The same people that lauded Bush 43 for the Iraq invasion are disgusted with Obama for talking the same way about Syria.  The same people who felt so good about the USA Patriot Act, now want their privacy protected.  Not to be outdone, the people who could not wait to the end of the Bush Administration follow Obama as faithfully as the people they used to mock.  They don't seem to be aware that President Obama continued the Patriot Act and has a very invasive NSA in operation, and we can't forget the drones.  Yet his followers really believe things have changed, and things that haven't are the fault of the other party . . .

When a candidate has to raise funds in the millions to be elected to a job that doesn't pay a half million a year, that position is owned, already bought and paid for.   The selection is made in bank accounts, not voting booths.

Now, we the people, are more divided than we ever were, because Obama was the man of the recent hour, but certainly not the authoritative power his opposition considers him to be, nor is he the victim of a lousy Congress or the last administration.  He's just a place holder as things unfold.  We have the Occupy Wall Street Movement, racism cloaked in political correctness is really frightening, Law Enforcement have become The Enforcers.  At every hand there is a "them against us," meanwhile . . . What began as the Middle Class has become the barren wasteland of indebted blame, hatred, and envy.

But godliness with contentment is great gain . . . For the love of money is the root of all evil . . .  I Timothy 6

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