Friday, August 09, 2013

Judge Not . . .

I awoke early this morning to the reality that America is a very judgmental country, even as we continue to sink into the dismal abyss of our own degradation and greed.

I went back to check the dates on these stories, because the one about the young girl had surfaced again.  So, not only are these atrocities in other nations, being reported, the reports are being repeated.  Meanwhile, here in America, some headlines have become history, as permanently as digital history allows, while the violence of the rule of law in our nation, continues to escalate.

When mainstream media reports these headlines in America about other countries:

This account is a permanent fixture of Wikipedia, for all the world to see, and there are many more like it in alternative headlines and international news:

The legal violence in America may not be any less ominous than the countries we judge, it may actually even be more.  We know the open sexuality is much more rampant.  Individuality is no longer politically correct, and between Big Pharma and Corporate Farming, Americans are being poisoned and malnourished.  These are the realities of which we are aware, yet continue to "judge" other nations.
Meanwhile, a small percentage of Americans are wondering how much more is really going on behind the grabbing headlines.

There will be a day of reckoning for judging the evil of other nations, while excusing and covering our own.

 . . . behold, ye have sinned against YHWH: and be sure your sin will find you out.

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