Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where is the Decency?

I can't help but compare these two stories.  We have a 95 year old, WWII Veteran in an assisted living facility, literally killed by police in riot gear.  He served his country surviving the war, but it did take 7 cops to take him out . . . and the nursing home said he was only armed with a cane and a shoehorn.  Now the cops tell a more ominous story, but there is no evidence to support their version and the coroner ruled the death a homicide.  We'll see if any one is actually held accountable.

This gentleman was trying to refuse a surgery that would more than likely leave him on life support.  He wasn't allowed to make that choice and his right to die with dignity was stolen by law enforcement.  Years ago, I worked in long term care.  It would have never occurred to any of us to call the police over a resident, and I remember some clearly combative residents.  Those elderly patients could be out numbered and out powered pretty easily with no harm done.  The main concern of long term care used to be safety of the resident!  Apparently times have changed.

By the way, just for the sake of curiosity, why can't a 95 year old person make their own health choice, especially if they are coherent enough to understand the possible risk?  According to the article in the link below this was confirmed by the doctor in the facility.  So this aged hero couldn't die of "natural causes" before being tasered and shot with bean bag rounds which ultimately caused his death a few hours later, according to the autopsy.  This was quite a write up in the UK.

Meanwhile in Guantanamo Bay, five prisoners have been released on their promise to not carry out any terrorist activity, in an effort to extend the olive branch to the Taliban??????????????
According to the Washington Times, another news source has reported that the Taliban has been removed from the "enemies list."  VP Joe Biden says the Taliban is not the enemy of the US.
Well, then Mr. Biden, just who is the big threat that we citizens must remain under constant surveillance?

Five prisoners of Gitmo get released on the the "honor's system," but a war hero who served his country valiantly and received an honorable discharge died as he did!

. . . but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  Proverbs of Holy Scripture
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