Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Beginning of Bypassing the State

I've been waiting for it, for some time to move beyond the Department of Conservation.  So many of our citizens have lost touch with nature that the powers of the DoC didn't really affect them on a personal level, but Arizona is a different story.

I've taken stark notice of the state of Arizona since the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, and realizing the impact that state is having on a number of national concerns, while the state remains rather boisterously impotent.

Arizona was the last state in the union for years and years.  Came in in 1912.  The state has had two women governors back to back, actually four of the last five governors have been women.  Arizona has a real issue that apparently eludes New Mexico and California in immigration traffic.  Arizona also has a maverick Sheriff that spends a great deal of his time gaining national acclaim while his county is kidnap central for young teen age girls.

clearly Janet Napolitano and Jan Brewer do not share political leanings, at least openly, but there has been a common thread of a sheriff who loves the spotlight in the administration of both of these women.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio is sheriff of Maricopa County which includes the city of Phoenix.  This is the sheriff who is famous for his pink jail uniforms, tents, chain gang work force, reducing the prison budget by millions, and has been elected to this office five times.  He is also famous for his illegal immigration enforcement, alleged racial profiling, and the investigation to the legitimacy of our President's birth certificate.

Sheriff Joe is a busy man.  His jail has housed the infamous Jodi Arias, as well as a Pastor having a family Bible study.  What I've noticed is, as with so many things in America, the Arizona issues are all quite divisive and conveniently located right there in one state.  Granted, everything isn't all in Maricopa County, but Sheriff Joe is quite the animated lighting rod.  It has now been determined that he requires federal oversight and a Federal District Judge has ordered a monitor for this outspoken sheriff.

It's as though, Arizona's governor has simply become a figure head, and bypassed, while the muscle of the federal power is flexed in this state over one of the largest counties, and certainly the most notorious "badge" of the west.  Granted, this move also brings division in those watching.  Many applaud the oversight that leaves both a republican governor and an authoritative sheriff in submission to the federal government, while others claim conservative persecution.  We can't set aside the foundation of federal involvement over the horrific tragedy that took place in Tucson.  This event will affect gun control in all fifty states.

Sadly, this journalist sees yet another opportunity to keep the people divided while creating the submissive sustainable urban dwellings that is being promoted federally.  This is one step closer to a federal rule of law, while state power and economic autonomy continues to decline.  Ultimately the power of a state or county can, potentially in the foreseeable future, be regulated by Congress.

In rebellion, a land has many rulers . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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