Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hottest July on Record

I've avoiding my usual forums board threads that address "Global Warming" and "Climate Change." With the facts of potential consequences looming darkly on the horizon, I'm furious that this has become just one more political "us vs. them." The long term consequences of intense heat of the past two summers alone, coupled with the severe lack of rain in much of the middle of America, not to mention a mild, mild winter between appears to go unnoticed in the political debate. Our water table is lowered, our water need is raised, and that doesn't even address the crop failures of these two years. Not only has this summer been miserably hot, we've had another year of crop failure. Global warming is a huge issue, no doubt, but without the true reason discussed, a solution will not be found; which has already been prophesied. How much time do we need to discuss and debate, when we have missed the foundational point? I've even heard some counter the "global warming" with another ice age is on the way . . . Well, my perspective addresses either extreme. First and foremost, everyone on earth, regardless of political leanings will be affected! Why in all this political animosity, do people forget, we're all affected by either side of the aisle. Why mock and ridicule when the other side does something stupid, it reflects on all of us! So, considering we are all in the same boat, what does this mean to we the average people? Two years of failed crops is obviously going to have an affect on the food chain and the price. Although farmers may be able to pay the mortgage and Monsanto with crop failure insurance, we can't stock the grocery shelves with it. Ranchers may be able to come out with insurance and IRS losses and even down size their herds, but after the downsizing glut of last year, that doesn't fill the meat and dairy case. Whether it's extreme heat or bitter cold, the crop results will be the same, but the warming of the earth is prophetic. The reason given for this extreme heat, was that humanity disrespected G-d and did not repent. So, technically humans are the reason for global warming. The next fact concerns me greatly. We've made it political and either refuse to believe it or made it "their fault," meaning no repentance, so it's still going to happen . . . to all of us!
And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of G-d, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. the Revelation
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