Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm truly uneasy about a headline and the information I've obtained. Seems some of our non-military government agencies feel a need for a large amount of ammo, I mean millions of bullets. These are no ordinary bullets, they are hollow point. I believe these are bullets that are forbidden in the Geneva Convention. Furthermore, I don't have any idea why so many homeland agencies would need thousands and thousands of rounds. I read one agency actually has in their possession over a billion rounds. Now the Social Security Administration purchased 174,000 rounds saying it's routine, for firearm qualification for the safety of their employees. Homeland Security purchased over 1 billion rounds of ammo, but it was in two separate orders. Why such huge purchases of so many rounds? Your guess is as good as mine . . . ICE which is Immigration and Customs Enforcement ordered 33 million rounds. No doubt, we've made some enemies, but these departments are aimed at and for the homeland.
After reading how hollow points enter and expand, and that target practice ammo is much more streamline to be easy on the target back drop and comparatively inexpensive. The government's explanation of target practice for qualification just doesn't align for anyone who knows anything about firearms. Everything I have read about target practice and qualification indicates hollow point ammo is never used for anything, but the real deal. I don't know a great deal about target practice, but I do recognize nonsense when I hear it. Don't they realize all these hollow points are going to tear up the targets every time they are accurate, but the accuracy will be indeterminable? The point of a hollow point is to tear up the target after entry!
We truly are a much more hateful, angry, and paranoid society than we used to be and 20 years ago, long before 9/11 we had trained operatives that could literally take aim at a woman in her own doorway with babe in arms, and shoot her in the head. That government sniper could very clearly see, the woman was not aiming any weapon at him and as a general rule of thumb, folks that are holed up don't open the door. The murders at Ruby Ridge by our very own government took place 20 years ago. Then less than one year later, more than 20 children and two pregnant women, among others were killed, again by our very own government, "protecting" the children from questionable religious leaders. That's right, Ruby Ridge was months before Waco and years before 9/11. Now, our government appears to be preparing for a general uprising, while our media reports how controlling and frightening other governments are . . . Undoubtedly, these agencies are a part of something bigger than we know. I do find it quite questionable, just months after our President signed an Executive Order outlining what is to be taken over in the event of an emergency precipitating Martial Law. I also find it quite disconcerting that Executive Orders and Ammo Purchases only serve to further divide the people politically, rather than cause us to realize, Ruby Ridge and Waco occurred under two different administrations, one republican, one democrat. The parties are irrelevant, America, the party is over!
And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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