Monday, January 09, 2012

How Spiritual is Football?

Tebow is in the news. He's in advertisements, his name is getting to be synonymous with Sunday. Prayer, football, Tebow. See, it just seems to connect. This blog isn't really about Tebow's beliefs, as he obviously seems quite sincere, whatever his beliefs are. What I'm noticing is the opinions flying around about Tebow, prayer, and football. I know several young men "Tebowed" in their school hallway through class change and found themselves in a bit of a jam over it. The comments were interesting. Some made comments as if the boys were persecuted for praying in school, but they weren't praying, they were Tebowing. Then there was the big Pat Robertson outrage about SNL's skit. The video link was sent to me, and to be honest, I found it to be a pretty interesting sermon . . . about priorities. The Jesus character told them he had other folks calling on his attendance and intervention as well. He couldn't just do football games, there were beauty pageants . . . Which of course made me stop and think. Again, whatever Tebow believes is between him and G-d, but in a world of 7 billion people with many children starving, wars and rumors of wars, plagues and pestilence, do we really believe football should be a prayer priority. I do want to say this for young Mr. Tebow. If he wants to thank G-d for his ability and give G-d the glory for his wins, and be gracious in the losses, I think that's great. Do I think a football victory is a miracle? NO, I do not. Do I think football is one of those things that has eternal value? I like a good game of football. I followed the Superbowl by sports blog and loved it, but of eternal value? . . . Again, NO, I don't think so. But how much of America's entertainment and how many of our priorities are of eternal value? If Mr. Tebow is on one knee thanking G-d in the end zone, I think that's great. I wish he could have the same influence off the field, so the young people can pray at school, rather than just Tebow.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. New Testament
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