Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Upon Further Checking

I believe the time of exploratory committee has come to a close and if I wanted any chance at all of getting on primary ballots, I needed to actually declare my candidacy before the first primary, but that somehow seems so "politics as usual." I'm not a Washington insider so the logical decision is to run a write-in campaign. And that's my plan! I think a write-in campaign makes sense in this case, because any vote for me will be an obvious choice and it can be done with no fund raising! I like the idea that we can actually campaign on the net and simply write in our choice. The election of our next President doesn't have to depend upon who can beg the most donations and thus afford the biggest campaign ads. We can actually go beyond name recognition and fund raising and get to real ideas and proposed implementation. This is the opportunity for "we the people" to challenge the politics as usual and the electoral college, as well. The electoral college will be a deal, though, because 48 of the 50 states have a "winner take all" policy in place, so I'm going to have to get pretty internet famous to win the electoral college vote. To be honest, it really looks like only the 1% can be President of the United States, but I just can't accept that yet. Considering the OWS movement and so much information about the 1% and Wall Street, how can we just elect someone that can't even relate to where we are? The 1% is not in touch with what it is to try to eek out an existence in America, these days.
Now, as for the actual issue, this isn't about me or any candidate. This is about someone in leadership realizing that the American dream is not a gift or entitlement from the government, or even the same thing for all of us, but to also realize it is not the government's reward for voting along party lines. The idea that the Middle Class can continue to support the aristocracy and the impoverished, as well as those that are "ready for retirement" and the ever growing group of "disabled" that can manage to do everything but hold a job, is what must be addressed. The Middle Class doesn't need a government hand-out, the Middle Class needs to become larger and the aristocracy needs to pay their fare share of taxes and the impoverished need to be ready to embrace opportunity as well as realize and live within their financial limits. It's time to take ownership, even if that means limiting what we own until we can afford more . . . And this country absolutely needs to do away with disability as a career. If someone is truly disabled, and who can say . . . but it's time for some real crack downs and pay backs for those that "cannot work" but manage a very full life otherwise. It's time to put begging back into the perspective that it is. I am certainly not suggesting that we become a discompassionate nation or one that rejects immigrants, but we must stop rewarding those that take advantage of the system at the expense of the Middle Class. Then and only then, will the Middle Class regain it's footing!
And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not make clean riddance of the corners of thy field when thou reapest, neither shalt thou gather any gleaning of thy harvest: thou shalt leave them unto the poor, and to the stranger: I am YHWH your G-d.
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