Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freedom Party

Upon further discussion about forming an exploratory committee, we have determined the true essence of this potential presidential campaign, and that is FREEDOM. In all of our political partisanship and political correctness to be intolerant, we've lost sight of what we claim as a founding pillar of our nation, and that is freedom. We still have freedom and we've got to stop being willing to throw it away to control someone else, anyone else! So, if in fact I do throw my hat in the ring or someone steps up and declares their candidacy to run in the Freedom Party, here's my next campaign promise. We hear a lot about what the founding fathers meant and we are all in agreement that Congress really has become pretty much ineffective. Here's my plan. We take our nation's focus back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, along with the rest of the amendments, and that's all. Then we sit Congress down, the new Congress that is, and explain to them we will be forming new legislation based upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address in mind, and; this new legislation will not be based upon archaic interpretation of power or invasion of privacy.
We have the freedom to work, and we will demand it of ourselves and our government! We have the freedom to be productive, and we will continue to embrace that proud tradition and expand upon it. We have the freedom to provide charity and assistance and we will move that into a more realistic realm. Since Social Security and Disability are now considered an entitled retirement plan, both will be distributed on a lump sum basis, formulated according to what has been paid in and age at which collection begins. For those already in the system, you will not be refused or neglected, but there will be a cap in which the benefits move from federal funding to state aid. Medicare will follow suit and become like insurance with a lifetime cap and limit. Defense spending will need to be adjusted to include the fact that young men fighting old men's wars, get hurt and may need long term provisions. They at least need decent hospitals in which to recover and they certainly do not need to buy their own gear or lunch. But as I already mentioned in the Grass Roots Campaign, we aren't going to police the whole world or tell everyone else what needs to be done . . . We need to work on our own example before we use military force! We, the people have the freedom to take our country back! Let's exercise that freedom while we still have it.
you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free
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