Monday, December 26, 2011

Absence of Religious Expression

I've been rather despondent about writing this particular blog post, due to content matter. This last holiday, it seemed there was little religious influence at all. It would seem in the name of tolerance, religious expression has become nearly mute and invisible, or a muddled pile of mishmash. Oh, there are trees and Santas, but few creches and even fewer menorahs. My daughter and I were trying to find just little decorative odds and ends and both of realized the retailers where we had found these small items just a few short years ago, this year, had very little even on the shelves. As I said, there was tinsel, wrap, tree decor, Santas and snowmen, but little else. Now, a few days after Christmas and the day following the last day of Hanukkah, I feel I have a better perspective, or at least can verbalize the one I do have. Although I kind of miss the days when every religious festival had a few items on the shelves, I was truly saddened to read so many posts and hear so many accounts of the celebration of MishMash. MishMash is like Christmas tree ornaments that look like Hanakkiahs and a Star of David tree topper sort of thing, and we certainly can't omit Santa on one knee at the manger . . . and the discussions over a Christmas Tree, which for the most part were anything but heartwarming. It does seem that regardless of what anyone is celebrating there is still lots and lots of materialism and consumerism. It seems the mishmash celebration is even more anti-beliefs than a purely secular celebration. I've come to feel that the celebration of MishMash seems to be offensive in the name of tolerance. Even young Mr. Tebow, more famous for his "down on one knee in the end zone" than his actual football skills, when asked about how he celebrated Christmas . . . Something to the effect of: Oh, I haven't even done that yet, we're waiting til after my season ends. How nice. Leave it to us, people, to find a way to ensure that we ourselves are blessed with gifts in celebration of our own opinion and of our own interpretation and self-expression of our faith or lack thereof; and weave just a bit of mockery into the festivities while we're at it!
And I, of course, like the others, believe my priorities are in order.

Glory to G-d in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. New Testament
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